Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet

In 2287, humanity sends its first colony ship to planet Maria in the Epsilon system. The ship struck something in low orbit during its approach phase. The occupants then rush to the rescue shuttles before crashing into the planet. The game uses the voxel technology that offers immense possibilities since it does not stop at the world design. Weapons, armor, vehicles, buildings and decorations can be created from scratch using voxel (and your talent). The dynamic soundtrack, perfectly integrated into the game world, helps tremendously to immersion.

There are 3 game modes: story mode, adventure mode and build mode. Story mode is pretty much meant for solo players, and takes us into the main plot of the game on a limited world size (but still gigantic, let’s be clear), with quests, NPCs, diplomacy and so on. Adventure mode, on the other hand, will appeal mostly to those looking for a multiplayer experience, evolving on a much larger map that they can explore, look for dungeons and bosses to defeat, complete random objectives or simply survive. Finally, build mode is for those looking for a sandbox experience, and is again targeting the multiplayer community. This mode has no enemies. You simply get an infinite amount of material to build whatever you want.

Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet

You start by waking up next to a crushed shuttle. The first quests will introduce you to the different game mechanics, including harvesting, manufacturing, fighting, hunger management and comfort. Something rather practical is that you can move while looking at the whole map, although the indicator will not move too fast due to the vastness of the map.

This huge world is separated into biomes found in different colors. Each biome has its own fauna and flora and every medium is represented: Land, Sea, Air. You can observe herbivores wander in herds and carnivores attacking other animals. The entire map is dotted with points of interest, giving a rich and coherent world.

Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet

To navigate this world, you can build vehicles from certain moments in history. The creative possibilities are numerous and you will have the opportunity to apply them on your weapons as well. If this aspect of the game does not interest you, there are other interesting features available.

Indeed, other than the usual building and survival aspects, you can also create your very own colony. This is an additional feature that will require you to perfect your management and construction skill. The main benefit of colonies is that you have access to more resources, as well as the ability to make larger and more complex objects.

Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet

In conclusion, Planet Explorers offers quite a lot of mechanics for players to enjoy, promising hours of gameplay in story mode, gameplay that will then be expanded in multiplayer. The game, officially released on steam last week, has seen many updates since the alpha and continues to be maintained regularly. Things should only get better from now on.


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