Dark and Light: Early Access is On the Way

Since the announcement of Dark and Light (DnL) at ChinaJoy 2016, I have been keeping my eyes on the open world fantasy game. According to the official announcement the early access will be available on Steam by the end of this year. And today I saw a post on tieba, Chinese reddit, unveiled that the DnL related file has already been uploaded on Steam and is now under review.

In an recent DnL community Q&A, Horsejoke revealed more details about the upcoming game. Players will be able to build a “player town” without a lengthy process to apply for a zoning permit from your faction’s slowest bureaucrats. What’s more, beasts of burden will play an important part in the game, the larger the animal, the more it will be able carry.

Dark and Light: Early Access is On the Way

As for the most controversial PvP & PvP servers, Horsejoke told us that if ganking becomes too much of an issue on PvP servers even for hardcore PvP players, however, they may need to look into additional restrictions / penalties.

Dark and Light: Early Access is On the Way

We knew there will be some of underwater contents in DnL, but the ocean-based combat isn’t something they’ve put a lot of consideration. However, the air combat is definitely possible with offensive flying mounts like griffins and dragons.

Also, the Chinese players may have the access to the same servers as players in the west. So maybe we can except a global server?

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