Peria Chronicles: New Interview Tells Everything You Want to Know – Part 2

We continue to translate the interview Korean media Thisisgame did with Peria Chronicles developer Thingsoft recently. You can read the first part here. In this part, you can finally hear of the beta and release time the developer plans for the game.

Will the lands run out if players keep building things?
We should add relevant content to our previous video. In fact if you have enough materials you can create new lands, it’s like building a new world. At first an area may be small but it gets bigger as more materials are used. Players can build portals to connect different areas.

With portals, players can build villages. A powerful clan/guild might be able to control the entire area as well as the portals. But we think this is very unlikely to happen, because there are 2 types of portals: one just exists in the world but can’t be moved, and the other one is built by players and can be destroyed. It’s worth mentioning that portals will disappear itself if no one use it for a long time. So we have complicated rules to manage the portals.

What contents you have for players who aren’t interested in building and crafting?
In our plan, it will be quite impressive if 1-5% players of the game can focus on building and maintaining villages. This small group of players will become mayors or lords and they have some powers. Of course they can choose to run the village in democratic ways. With that everyone can be part of the community.

Will loners feel they don’t have much stuff to play, compared with those who stick the community?
Never forget that the player community is a very creative group. It will be difficult for a single player to create new terrains but it’s not a problem for him/her to modify the terrains.

Once players complete building an instance, the game will reward them. Players and their groups will be happy to create fun instances that loners can also play.

Server capacity and stability must be a great challenge to you?
We have to deal with server issues like performance since players can change many things in the game. We have to think of security and anti-cheating. We are always improving the servers.

MapleStory 2 is a MMO stresses on player-created contents. However the game isn’t as popular as it’s expected. Aren’t you worried the same thing could happen in Peria Chronicles?
It’s difficult to answer this question. We can’t say it’s not possible. We have to reach hardcore players and manage them. We have many players in our forum that know programming, and many of them are waiting for the game. We plan to build our community starting from recruiting those players.

Player-created contents in other MMOs may be just for fun, but those contents influence and change the gameplay in Peria Chronicles. So I think there is a big difference.

That means the game will be a hardcore MMO, and you will have to have a large amount of hardcore gamers at the beginning.
Since there’s no similar game in the market, we don’t have any reference and feedback. But first we will invite players who share our concept to the focus tests.

Tell us about the main story and missions.
Many people try to level up as fast as they can today, and they consume content fast and then ask for new content. To avoid that, we decided to create a game where the community creates its own content. So the developer team doesn’t focus on adding a lot of content and they don’t make a huge storyline for the game.

On the other hand, every village and town in the game is built by players, and they can be destroyed and completely gone. If there are missions in the village, there could be bugs once the village is gone. So honestly, with such game structure, it’s impractical to add deep story content into the game.

Will players feel lost in the game without any mission in the game?
The game does have missions but it offers missions to players in a different way. We have some ideas, such as contracts signed by players. After all, building and managing villages need a lot of players. So villagers and mayors can post bounty missions such as looking for materials and they will pay once the items are delivered.

What’s more, players can create NPCs with certain logics. NPCs can help post bounty missions and contracts for players. The contract we can create is pretty simple at this moment, and it’s like “need A materials to be delivered at B time.” However, we hope players can think of different situation when they create a contract. For instance, if the server goes down or is in maintenance, the contract could expire. If this happens a lot, we’ll consider posting “official contracts” for players.

This game has so many uncertainty and unexpected situations! So when do you plan to release the game?
We already have a lot of props, enough to build a village and instances, and it’s good enough to start small scale tests. We’ll start alpha test as soon as possible in 2017, and then start closed beta in the middle of 2017.

Although there are still a lot of difficult problems we need to deal with. Take house as an example. We could just design a house according to the concept art but we have to give players the freedom to build their own house, and we have to divide a house to different parts from wall to door and to windows. This is very different to the current MMOs and sometimes we really get lost in the development.

We use our own engine so we frequently improve it and add new features. That costs us much more time, and no wonder some players think we are not doing anything. We are working hard and we hope to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018.

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