Lineage 2 Revolution – A Must Play! An In-Depth Review

Hey Guys! On December 14th 2016, Netmarble decided to present all of us passionate gamers with an early Christmas gift! That’s right, Lineage II: Revolution was officially launched for Android and iOS. The game, once unwrapped and installed instantly takes the player into a magical land where he can immerse himself in hours of gameplay.

The game easily sets the standard of quality with respect to cutting edge graphics similar to the PC version of the game. And the reason behind this mind blowing graphics? Unreal Engine 4. It provides a massive boost to the game with respect to the quality visuals and detailed actions.


Lineage 2 revolution is set up in the same open world that had been featured in Lineage 2 (PC version). Considered as a spin-off of the original version, the game has a lot of common factors with the PC version. In addition to the game being set up in the same open world, it also features some of the playable classes in the game. The game was officially launched on the Google Play Store and Apple Store after having been licensed by NCSoft. For those of you haven’t watched the trailer, here is a quick peek!


The immersive gameplay and the attention to detail given in the game is sure to make this game one of the best MMORPG’s released this year. It can easily rival all the other games in terms of the soundtrack, high definition graphics, characters and of course the storyline. The opening introduction to the game is so astonishingly good that it will immediately grab the attention of the players and pulls them almost instantly into the mystical world. This opening video will be played every time the game begins irrespective of the number of times you have played it. I believe the primary purpose of this introductory video is twofold; one, it sets the whole game into a kick-started action by providing a quick peek into the storyline and revolves around this. The second- well, the second purpose is simply to amaze the players with the stunning plot and well worked gameplay. Here’s a quick look at the opening scene.


As I had mentioned earlier, Lineage 2 Revolution offers the players a set of classes which were made available in the PC version. One of the most interesting facts about the characters is the level of customization that is possible. Also, the game provides the players with one thing that the PC version didn’t; it allows the players to use any of the four playable and they need not play the entire game with a single character. This gives the players an opportunity to play with those characters that they seem fit at any point during the game.

The characters are loads of fun to play with. Each character comes with a different set of attacking skills and moves. One of the standout features of the game is that the characters can be heavily customized. This includes an option to change their armour, an option to pick a specific attacking move and the players are even given the liberty of changing their hairstyles and gestures. This itself brings the element of fun into the game. The gameplay below clearly shows the various characters which are made available to the players and the different customizations that can be done.


Lineage 2 Revolution begins with a quick guide so that the players get used to the controls. Clear indicators are given to tell the player what to do next and how to go about it. It even assists the player in customizing their weapons, adding more to the inventory and using other skill sets. The game features the standard controls with a floatable movement controller on the left side of the screen while the combination keys and strike keys are placed on the right side.

The game also has the auto play feature. If one wants all he has to do is click the option and sit back and enjoy. The character that you have chosen will do everything for you including fighting with various combination attacks. This feature can come in handy if one finds it too difficult to get past a certain level. However, in order to experience the true potential of the game and enjoy it to the fullest it is best if the player handles the game personally. This feature can easily be turned off without the game being interrupted.


Perhaps one of the reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution stands out from the other MMORG games is because of the smooth and flawless manner in which you can play the game. The essence of the game lies in this very aspect. The game focuses on an intense action based play which will keep the players involved at all times. As stated earlier, the characters are customizable at the beginning of the game, these include armour and style of attack also. However, these features are not made immediately available to the player.

The game begins with the player having the basics; this means that the armour etc. that had been selected at the beginning will not be readily given but it rather has to be earned. How is this done? As one progress through the game, there will be several tasks which the players are asked to do. Once these tasks are completed they will be rewarded with experienced points and gold. The players can then use these the armour etc. Experience points are also important in terms of learning new attack moves and skills.

As it has been popularly established through the lineage franchise, there are lots of monsters spread throughout the game, this ranges from simple bears and wolves to fire breathing dragons which will require quite some experience to beat. Battles can be waged even against other classes as once progress through the game.

The controls are also quite easy to understand and can be used very effectively. The detail given to the graphics is just phenomenal. Sharp high quality images even shows the blood while the player is in a combat, the game features a colourful and stunning image with vibrant colours even while the players are battling, This is just one of the many reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution is a game that shouldn’t be missed.


The multiplayer aspect of Lineage 2 Revolution is perhaps one of the most important reasons as to why the game is so amazing and fun to play with. The game allows the simultaneous connection of players from across the world allowing the game to be played in real time. The social component of the game is yet another stand out feature. It allows the players to create or join a guild in order to complete quests or raids. Even while playing on a quest by yourself you can easily combine with another player on the same quest. This combing attack strategy can be made to one’s benefit while fighting against powerful enemies. Some of the quests requires that you either team up with another player or join a guild or clan.


Lineage 2 Revolution boasts of high graphics and stunning gameplay. This means that the platform on which it works must be best suited to play such a big game with such high standards.

Android: 4.4 and Upwards
iOS: 6.0 and above
Internal Memory: 1.1 GB
Processor: Quadcore 1.6 Ghz

Considering the awesome quality of the gameplay that is provided, the specifications are reasonable. The installation of the huge data files will begin only after the game has been installed from google play store. This means that around 1 GB of the data is downloaded once the game has been installed. The average time required to install all the files for playing the game and for initializing the game is about 7-8 minutes. Quick updates are usually done automatically at the start of the game, the installation of these files will take about a minute. The average opening time of the game (without any updates being installed) is 10-15 seconds.

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