Learn “S” Words in Chinese Will Help You Survive in H1Z1

H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO being developed by Daybreak Games, with only one primary objective for its players: survival the zombie apocalypse. You will need to face off with hostile players, man-eating zombies, and hungry wild life in order to live the anarchy. So you may be confused why H1Z1 players have to speak “S” words in Chinese for survival? And what is “S” words?

H1Z1 may has the most racist community I have ever seen, you will see Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Russian, German and many other foreign players who don’t speak English or very little English are playing the game.

However, Chinese players prefer to group up in numbers and kill people on sight on aren’t Chinese. So if you don’t want to have them chased after you, you’d better join the Red Army and learn some “S” words in Chinese. When you see them say:”shi wo da diao” (suck my dick) or ”sao ni ma” (fuck your mother), they won’t kill you. ANGRYPUG NATION gave us an excellent example, check it the video above.

It was a Taiwanese player who would go around in BR asking other players where they were from. He makes friends with an Australian for a bit but that guy dies.

Eventually he meets up with a Chinese speaker. Asks if he is from Taiwan and the guy says yes. Then he gives a test: Is Taiwan independant? The Chinese guy looks panicked, hesitating the answer yes or no. So the streamer starts hounding him with the question. Eventually the Chinese guy says No Taiwan is not independent, streamer kills him. Rinse and repeat for other Chinese players he meets.

If you shout Taiwan No.1 in this game, Chinese gamers go nuts.

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