Dynasty Warriors Unleashed the Best Hack and Slash game for Mobile

The Dynasty Warriors series has been one among the favourites for all gamers who enjoy the hack and slash genre. With its immersive gameplay and an extremely large number of character availability it easily tops the charts. And now, the favourite hack and slash game comes to mobile.

Powered and created by the same developers of the PC and PS version, Dynasty warrior is developed by Koei tecmo games in collaboration with Nexon and Xpec Entertainment. The game had launched a limited beta test from 12th January to 16th January 2017 and was made available to all those who had pre-registered the game.

Though the game was only made available for a limited period, it is sure to stand out among the rest of the game in its genre. There are various phenomenal attributes of the game which make it addictive and entertaining. After having taken part in the limited beta quite extensively here’s a quick look into the amazing game developed for android.


Coming to the basics, Dynasty Warrior : Unleashed follows the same basic storyline which has been adopted in the main series. The game revolves around the unification of the three kingdoms. It also brings along with it the all the legendary characters which are present in the main series. Players can choose between characters from any of the three kingdoms. Here’s a quick look at the trailer of the game before we move on to analyse the various aspects of the game.


Let’s start off with the graphics. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed features explosive graphics with amazing colour combinations and beautiful gaming environment. The game carries with it the usual class of standard by providing such brilliant graphics which tend to keep the players involved in the game. However, though the graphics are pretty well detailed for the mobile version, it does not rise up to the level of details as seen in the PC version. The attention given to the level of detail is astounding, the styling of weapons, the various moves of the warriors etc. are easily distinguishable. The game environment is also set up very well, the ruins, the structures, the buildings etc are a stand out feature of the game which adds well to the gameplay.


Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed offers the following modes of gaming. These include:
a) Campaign
b) Battlefield

The campaign mode follows the storyline of the game and is quite entertaining to play. Several Chapters are included in this mode and finishing up several stages in this mode will unlock treasure chests and other things in the store. This way it helps the players to enjoy the game in the story mode while at the same time ensuring that the players are well rewarded.

The battlefield mode is essentially the multiplayer mode where the players go throat to throat with other gamers from across the world. It offers various sub division from which the players can select and play. However, the beta offered only a limited level of experience with the battlefield mode.


The tutorial in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed in perhaps the most detailed and longest tutorials one will ever come across. The tutorial takes the player through every single aspect of the game starting from movements to online gaming. However, one of the drawbacks is that the tutorial cannot be skipped by the player.

This means that the player will be forced to enter the campaign mode from the beginning of the game until Chapter one of the game is completed. As it is only by this time that the tutorial actually comes to an end. The tutorial guides the player through movement, attacking, special skills, upgrading warriors, choosing team mates, choosing officers to assist you during battle, upgrading weapons (the list keeps going on). Etc. This feature will work will for beginner as they will get well acquainted with the game.


The game features the standard controls which players can easily get acquainted with. The game features a movable joystick at the left hand corner of the screen while the combination and attacking keys are present towards the right. The game also features an auto-attack mode which can be easily enabled and disabled during the game. This feature is present towards the upper right hand side of the game.


This is hands down the best part of the game. As mentioned earlier, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed imports the same amount of characters that were present in the main game. This means that the players can choose from over 140 characters in the game. That’s right, almost one hundred and forty four officers from all the Kingdoms are made available to the players.

Now these characters are usually unlocked from the store and if you are lucky enough they can be obtained from the free chests and scripts in the mystic store which provides with free items periodically. If one cannot wait to play with all the characters then the game features an index where each officer is categorized based on the Kingdom to which they belong. Players can actually try and practise with each and every single officer with all the skills unlocked in the practise arena. This is exactly why this is one of the best features of the game.


Playing Dynasty warriors is absolute fun. Officers or warriors have to battle a plethora of soldiers at a single point of time in order to proceed further in the game. Each battle will have one strong boss like officer who has to be defeated in order to move further in the game. Depending on the style of the players gaming, this can take several minutes. However, the game smartly provides a solution to break the monotony that creates through this. It provides the players an opportunity to have upto three officers assist them during battles. Thus, they can easily switch between officers while involved in the battle to either play strategically or just to break the monotony.


The characters can be levelled up by involving them in more battles. The higher the level of the officer the larger will be the damage inflicted. The officers or warriors can be equipped with weapons which also can be upgraded in order to deal more damage.


The multiplayer feature of the game is extremely fun. Players can go head on head with other players or can team up with others and battle against another. In addition to this, players can join guilds or create their own guild for the purpose of multiplayer gaming. At the entry level, the guild can have upto 15 members. Friend requests can be sent to players who have either played with you on campaign or can be sent to anyone so that you can create your own guild.


As of now, the system requirements for this game is really reasonable. Considering the quality of gaming and the graphics, the requirements are not very demanding and credit must be given to the developers for that. The game is made available only on Android devices as of now and will soon come to IOS. The requirements for Android are as follows.

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