Age of Wushu 2 Unveils Interesting Gathering, Crafting and Survival Tools

Since Age of Wushu 2 is a survival MMORPG, the game features a lot of tools used for gathering, crafting and surviving in the wildness. The developer Snail Games today unveiled some of the tools players will be using in the game.

Being a sandbox survival MMORPG, you have the freedom to become any role in the game world. If you are doing farming today, you are a farmer, and if you are making a sword tomorrow, you are a blacksmith — of course you will need the right tool to be able to do so. However, you won’t be marked as farmer or blacksmith or any other roles in the game.

Hoe (left) and stone pickaxe (right)

Stone pickaxe can be used for quarrying, hoe can be used for farming, and axe is for tree logging. These tools can do other things just like they can in the real life. In Age of Wushu 2, if you use stone pickaxe to quarry, you usually get rubbles, but if you use axe, you can get large rocks. You may ask can I use these gathering tools to fight my enemy? The answer is yes, so it will be interesting to explore the use of different tools in the game.


Ancient Chinese match and torch

The night in Age of Wushu 2 will be very dark and a torch will do a lot of help to those come out at night (moonlight will also provide you a glimmer of light). Ancient Chinese matches are used to ignite things and it can also provide some temporary light. Torch is an important tool and it’s very easy to make in the game. You can use torch to light up your path, you can also use it to fight beasts like wolves in the darkness. You can use torch in the rainy day, according to Snail Games.

Hook rope

In Chinese martial arts novels, hook rope is a frequently used tool to climb the walls. In Age of Wushu 2, hook rope requires pretty lot of materials to craft: iron bars, logs, leather, and hemp cords, etc. Since you can build your own walls so make it high enough if you need to protect your home from being penetrated. If you have enough materials you can also add spikes to the walls.

Ancient Chinese shackle

Ancient Chinese shackle is a handcuff that you can use to take other players and NPCs who are in coma into custody. You can make shackles with logs and leather on a carpenter work station. Once a player is put on shackles, he can move but cannot use item or ability, all he can do is waiting for a friend who can pick a lock to help you out. There are similar tools such as cage in the game.

Meteor hammers

You can see meteor hammers as a weapon and you may see this thing in some Chinese martial arts films. In Age of Wushu 2, meteor hammer is mainly used for hunting: the hammers can twine the legs of your target and disable it. Certainly it can be used to attack other players and NPCs.

The game has a lot of tools, most of which can be used in different places for different purposes. If you are interested in this game, read more at the game hub.

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